Triangle Cat Nest Pet Products


Product information:
Model: PA07CC2S
Color: grey
Size: 107 long × Width 53 × Height 7cm

Table fabric: 100% polyester
Filler: 100% polyester

Fully deployable as a cushion
Triangle shape, placed in the corner, does not occupy space
Two pet nests can be expanded to form a round cushion

Matters needing attention:
·When washing, there will be discoloration or discoloration. Please wash it separately from other articles· Discoloration may occur under the influence of direct sunlight or fluorescent lamps.
·Due to the characteristics of the material, the friction during use and cleaning will cause fuzzing and pilling. If it happens, please use hair remover to remove it as soon as possible.

Packing list:
Cat's nest X1PCS

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